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English for beginners

Perfect for those adults in the workplace who want to start with the basics of the English language, our courses are designed to help you with letter sounds, spelling and sentence structure; essential skills to help you get ahead.

Intermediate English

If you are already able to communicate in English then you are ready to push yourself to the next stage. With our intermediate English for foreign workers course, you will learn spelling and grammar that will give you confidence when writing emails and letters, and you will also have regular one-to-one and group discussions.

Advanced English

Covering all aspects of advanced English, the advanced course brings together all that you have learnt; giving you the skills you need to gain English qualifications, and to create the future you deserve.

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About Us

The English Language School was originally founded to develop the English and maths knowledge and skills of foreign workers in the UK. The of this provision is to support individuals in increasing their effectiveness, efficiency and integration within the workplace and at home. ELS is funded by the UK government, allowing tutors to deliver English and maths courses directly to foreign workers in the workplace. As it stands, we currently deliver English and maths classes all over the UK to over 1250 foreign workers per year. The English Language School offers a variety of courses including, Functional Skills Maths and English alongside Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

Covering the skills you need

English and maths aren’t just essential skills, they are also the key to improving your life. Whether you are working towards English for UK citizenship or just want to improve your communication, you’ll gain the confidence that you need.

See the right results

The opportunity to learn internationally recognised qualifications is too good to miss. So be sure to choose the English Language School to get the results that you need, results that speak for themselves.

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Multiple Languages

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Over 40 hours of content taking you through the English language.


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